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Hugo The Happy Starfish: The Last Bully –

Book Review One of my favorite ways to instill morals, and values into my children is to read them books that contain life lessons. Books that start out with a problem, but end in a solution are wonderful for little learners to grasp concepts. 

The Hugo The Happy Starfish series does a great job at teaching kids right from wrong. I am so thankful to add their latest book,  The Last Bully to my vast collection of children’s books. The Hugo The Happy Starfish series of books are written by Suzy Liebermann. They are a brightly illustrated , well written collection of books that also teach children Spanish. They feature Hugo, a red starfish that learns life lessons with the help of his “under the sea” creature friends. Each book features a valuable lesson for kids on topics like empathy, bullying, feelings, and more. 

My daughter will be returning to school this September, so I thought it would be great to have her learn how bullying impacts a someone’s life. While her little sister, and her fight,  have to say, they never bully each other. However, it is good to teach them about this troubling epidemic at a young age so that they can learn how to positively cope with it if the need arises. 

In The Last Bully, Hugo experiences several sea creature friends being bullied. He decides to start the ABC-”Anti-Bullying-Club” to help his fellow neighbors combat bullying. It is comical that every bully always thinks they are the best, and biggest until the next comes around. This happens in real life all too often. Thankfully, at the end of the story all the bullied sea creatures banned together to combat bullying, and they won. 

I think this book has helped teach my children that there are power in numbers, and that if enough people ban together to stop bullying something positive can be done. It has also taught them that making fun of someone really hurts their feelings, and that no one is perfect. 

As a parent I can appreciate how forgiving Hugo was in allowing each reformed bully to enter the ABC Club-that is exactly how I would want my kids to act. 

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