Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Princess Sophia and the Frog


 Every little girl loves a story about a Princess and I know they will love this new book just released to Amazon.com and Goodreads, by the author Suzy Liebermann.  Princess Sophia and the Frog is a great children's book about happiness and friendship.  This book is so adorable!

 I reviewed this book and I have to say it is one of the best fairy tales I have ever read.  Princess Sophia finds herself alone and wishing she could fly to the moon as she sets in her beautiful castle.  Although Princess Sophia has many, many material things, she doesn't feel happy.

 One day a frog visits Princess Sophia and says he will help her go to the moon.  As they fly high up in the air they land on different planets.  The frog helps Princess Sophia discover her feelings and he shows her that how she feels is how she acts towards others and her own life.

  When Princess Sophia goes back to her castle she has learned that she can be happy anytime and that good friends definitely make her happy.
  This book teaches children that we can be happy wherever we are.  It shows them that how we act can make us what we are.   It also shows them that good friends are also important in our lives. 
  I hope you will check out this book and read it to your child.  The cover is very colorfully illustrated and it will delight your child.  I believe you will like the book Princess Sophia and the Frog  very much.

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