Tuesday, May 12, 2015

118% funded!

After only a few days Hugo reached his funding goal to put the first Hugo book THE LAST BULLY into print.
I am absolutely thrilled and would like to express my gratitude for your help to make this campaign a successful one. 
Please keep sharing and pledging, help me get the next book of the Hugo series printed  as well.

In this book Hugo learns about the power words can have and the fact that if he has nothing good to say he is better off not to say anything. Words are like arrows, once you let them go you cannot take them back and depending on how you use them they can hurt. The little starfish learn to chose his words wisely. 
A mother's review:
Entertaining Book with a Message \By Andrea Byrne Format:Kindle Edition 
'THE POWER OF THE WORD: The Island Of Empathy' teaches kids on why it's so important to speak nicely to one another and what happens if you choose not to. ... This series of books really helps kids to learn important topics that may not be easy to teach out children ourselves.
Empathy is important!  By Coupon Noodle Soup Format:Kindle Edition 
This is not the first Hugo book that I have reviewed, but it is by far my favorite! I love that it teaches empathy, a necessary character trait for children to learn. This book teaches the importance of the words that you say and how they are said. The arrow illustrations of hearts and sharp points show the child how words can hurt or make someone feel good. Not only is this a great book for both my children at home and in my kindergarten class, it is a nice reminder to adults as well. I have seen so many friendships ended just because of how something was said. This story teaches you to be conscious of what you say. An important lesson for all of us!
Thanks you so much again for your support, it is very much appreciated!
Warm regards, Suzy L.

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