Thursday, April 30, 2015

This is why "HUGO" matters ...

I get up for the pure joy of drawing,
 for the joy of making Hugo come alive for my students …

I dress funny,
to make them laugh ...

I wear purple hair
for "Anti-Bully Day"

and here is why this matters to me:

Teach a Child how to be happy with what they have 
July 17, 2013 By Jaime's Reviews
Hugo The Happy Starfish, written by Suzy Liebermann a brilliant author who teaches children through her writing. Suzy writes her books so well that no matter what your child's reading level is or their disabilities they can still read her books and learn something while doing so.
Hugo the Happy Starfish, THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS was a great read for my 8 year old Autistic daughter who is always bored or sad. Once she read Suzy's book she had a better understanding of what you have to do to become happy for longer periods of time.
Since she has read the book she is hugging lots of people to share her happiness with others. In my opinion if my daughter got this out of one book of Suzy's then any child can get it. ...

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