Thursday, May 10, 2012

Phillippi Shores IB School - Sarasota - Author Visit

Thank you so much Phillippi Shores IB School in Sarasota for inviting us to an incredible AUTHOR VISIT!

We hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we did!
We enjoyed the AUTHOR VISIT tremendously!

You are the best! You know your IB ATTITUDES and PROFILES so well, you are incredibly well behaved and delightfully polite and caring. It was a pleasure to come to your school and work with you.
Thank you students, teachers, staff and PTA for having us!

On our way home from Sarasota we ran into the exhibit of in one of the wonderful waterfront parks of Sarasota. 

CONGRATULATIONS ON PARTICIPATING in such a great project AND WINNING A PRICE Phillippi Shores Elementary!

Have a great rest of your school year and enjoy the summer vacation!
Best wishes,

Hugo the Happy Starfish & Suzy L.

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